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Our History

The Seven Bar and Grill restaurant brand operates in 5 provinces, including Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and now Alberta. Established in the year 2000, the restaurant has become famous for offering a blend of French and British cuisine heavily influenced by the prevailing....

Food & Drink

Because Seven Bar and Grill makes use of local produce and wines, we are able to offer moderately priced menus despite our somewhat sophisticated decor. This fact has been one of the reasons behind our resounding success with critics and loyal customers who keep returning.....


Seven Bar and Grill consists of a main restaurant, a patio section and 3 private dining rooms. While we do cater to walk-in clients, we do tend to enjoy brisk business that recommends the use of our online reservation service. Use the request form below to book a table....


Aptly named, Seven Bar and Grill is the seventh branch of one of Canada’s most famed restaurant brands. Located off Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, this establishment is the legacy of renowned restaurateur Philip H. Gracy. Born in France in 1954, Gracy earned an enviable reputation in the business as a Michelin star chef by the age of 30 years. He travelled around the world working in more award winning restaurants and learning more about international cuisine. It was during this time that he landed in Canada and found a new place to call home. It is here that he eventually migrated to with his family and decided to build up his own brand of restaurants that would be focused on making the most of local produce to delight clients.

Having established the first Seven Bar and Grill in Toronto 14 years ago, Gracy has taken strides to share his love of fine food and drink with other provinces in the country resulting in a brand that has become well known for its partnership with local farms and wineries.

While each restaurant in the chain does adhere to a uniform standard of service and decor, they are individually marked by the variety of produce that can be locally sourced and the region-centric menus. Together with the easily recognized red and brown décor, this has helped to create a delightful ambience that assures every guest a wonderful dining experience each time they visit.

Although relatively new to the Edmonton landscape, the latest addition of the Seven brand is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors who have severally won awards such as AA restaurant of the year and MacGary Magazine’s Best Service.

We are open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. On Mondays we are closed, but can cater to private parties.

*We just had a Calgary bathroom renovations company come out and install handicap accessible stalls in both the men’s and women’s washroom, so we’re entirely code compliant now and fully wheelchair accessible.